Here are some interestinz facts about these robots:

1. Underwater robots can be referred to as sea gliders or Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV).

2. They are relatively small and lightweight.

3. Underwater robots can dive more than 300feet deep in water unlike humans who only dive 130feet

4. Underwater robots can be designed to be mechanical replicas of sea creatures.

5. They are used to explore the ocean, gather data about ocean currents, seawater temperatures and sound of a sea creature.

6. Underwater robots can operate independently and dependently: some need a physical connection to their operator who may be on a ship.

7. Underwater robots can it into small spaces such as small holes, which humans cannot enter.

8. These robots are essential, they inspect and clean water tanks without the need to drain and by so doing remove any risk to human life.

9. The robots can be used to repair damage to pipelines and oilrigs under the sea.

10. In the world today, researchers use underwater robots to discover the mysteries of the sea