Police use robots to dispose of bombs

Police use robots to dispose of bombs hidden by perpetrators within the crime scene. (Photo by ReptOnlx via Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 2.0)

Fortunately, there are now robots and drones that can go safely where no police officer (or dog) should dare go. One example is the Recon Scout Throwbot. This is a robot on wheels that police deploy simply by throwing it through a door, window, or passageway. The robot’s cameras capture the events at the scene and are remote-controlled.

Dubai has also led the way for a more advanced police force with its launch of an Android police officer. Google, together with IBM, is working with the Dubai police to create a virtual assistant which will allow the robots to follow voice commands in the future.

Another example is the flying drone, usually referred to as an unmanned aerial vehicle or a micro-air vehicle. Like the ground-based robot, this device also lets police conduct surveillance safely, from the air. All the information gathered by these robots and drones are admissible in court—and their cost has been dropping so more and more police departments will be using them.