Israel-US firm Roboteam to sell military robots to Italy

US and Israel-based Roboteam will supply the Italian Carabinieri with 40 Transportable Interoperatble Ground Robot (TIGR) systems (Courtesy)

US and Israel-based Roboteam, a maker of military robots systems, said it has won an Italian government tender to supply the local Carabinieri, the country’s military police, with 40 ground robotic systems. The value of the deal is estimated at some $10 million, the company said.

As part of the tender, Roboteam will supply the Carabinieri with 40 Transportable Interoperatble Ground Robot (TIGR) systems with various payloads, including training and maintenance services.

The TIGR robotic systems that will be supplied are designed to handle suspicious packages, hazardous materials and intelligence gathering. The robots weigh about 80 kg (176 pounds). enabling two fighters to lift it into any combat vehicle. They can move on all kinds of terrain and in all conditions, and are equipped with an advanced arm which has a high degree of freedom and with high lifting capacities.

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The system also has advanced photographic capabilities, in day, night and for thermal vision, for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

For the Italian tender, Roboteam competed against a number of other companies in the field, the statement said. The tender bid was done in collaboration with local contractor BMD Spa, an Italian tech firm. The Transportable Interoperatble Ground Robot (TIGR) systems developed by Roboteam are designed to handle suspicious packages, hazardous materials and intelligence gathering (Courtesy)

The Italian deal follows other tender wins the firm has had in recent weeks in Japan. Korea and “additional countries.” Roboteam said in a statement.

Launched only last year, this is the first time the TIGR robot system wins an open tender, it said.

Roboteam, which focuses on manufacturing advanced robotic military systems, was set up in 2009 by Yossi Wolf and Elad Levy, both of whom served as officers in the Israeli Air Force Special Forces.

The firm employs dozens of workers in two main centers: Tel Aviv, Israel and Maryland, in the US.

The company sells its products in more than 20 countries worldwide, including the US, Israel, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, the UK, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, and now, Italy, the statement said.

-Winning the tender demonstrates that this new and innovative system enables the user, in the most efficient and effective manner — advanced operational capabilities that saves lives under the challenges and threats facing the forces all over the world.” said the CEO Levy in the statement.