RoboSimian (NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

humanoid space robots

RoboSimian is more like an ape than a human, but however you classify it, it’s a powerful machine. The robot can map its environment in 3D using lidar technology. It’s extremely flexible, and can go over tough terrain and undertake tasks that require dexterity. RoboSimian competed in the finals of the DARPA Robotics Challenge in 2015.

RoboSimian’s extreme dexterity could also be useful in disaster recovery efforts, NASA said at the time. With four limbs, the robot can support itself easily on uneven surfaces and climb on ladders, stair treads or railings. The robot’s ability to see in 3D. coupled with its enhanced mobility, reduces its risk of falling over — a common problem for two-legged robots. [NASA JPL’s Robo Simian Robot in Images]

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