An endoscopy is a procedure where a small camera or tool on a long wire is shoved into the body through a “natural opening” to a search for damage, foreign objects, or traces of disease. It’s an uncomfortable and delicate procedure that might also be a thing of the past.

New improvements to the procedure by companies like Medineering make use of slender, flexible robots that can be driven like an RC car to the exact spot the doctor needs.

They can then hold there without the tremor of human hands and deploy a wide range of tools for anything from taking a biopsy to cauterizing a wound.

15 Medical Robots That Are Changing the World Even more impressive are so called “capsule endoscopies” where the procedure is boiled down to the simple act of swallowing a pill-sized robot that travels along your digestive tract gathering data and taking pictures that can be sent directly to a processor for diagnostics.